Monthly Archives: July 2004

Broadband debacle

On 26th July I begin an online course offered through the Christchurch Polytechnic. Because the course is delivered entirely over the Internet I need to have a reliable and easy connection. One that doesn’t hog the phone line. So I’ve decided to get a broadband internet connection. Ouch!!! It’s a sellers market.

Here’s what my only two viable and minimalistic options look like:

  • Telecom Jetstream, 1 GB per month @ 256kbs max, $40 + ISP charges plus $99+ installation and $150 modem, etc
  • Paradise High Speed, 1 GB per month @ 1000kbs max, $40 + $10 modem rental plus $149 installation

Wireless isn’t an option in Brooklyn, though getting connectivity through a community-owned, or at least locally owned, provider would be my strong preference.

It’s laughable that Telecom think they’ll get a 250,000 broadband subscribers charging these rates. It’s not only thep price. A big stumbling block is the low volume limits offered for the price. One gigabyte of downloads will easily be chewed surfing, leaving little capacity to listen to online radio and download video clips. Woosh, who offer wireless accounts in Wellington and Auckland, have the right idea making having no limit on downloads within NZ.

Despite deep, deep reservations, I will be signing up with Telecom to take advantage of a two month free offer. Hopefully it’ll be worth it. I’m not confident.