Monthly Archives: January 2005

Sharing the road

Over the too short summer break I jumped in my car and went on a road trip around Te Ika a Maui in search of summer and to hang-out with some friends. I found summer north of Gisborne at Waihau Bay: blazing sun and sparking water.

What I didn’t encounter were many hitchhikers. I wasn’t relying solely on randomly passing people standing on roadsides. Just before Christmas I joined a new, free online service matching drivers with people looking for rides.

“” is open to anyone to join and advertise or solicit for rides whether one-off rides or regular commutes. Because of the thorough customer agreement and the detailed FAQs I had no hesitation joining up and offering a ride.

I opted to make my phone number and email address public, but it is possible to arrange things through the website. It’s really reassuring that you can notify the people behind of any bad rides.

I really like the simplicity and narrow focus of the site. The catchphrase “responsible transport nationwide” is underscored by a page of Green Facts and links to websites with more information.

If there is one thing I suggest the people running the website do is include details of who is involved. Seeing that there are real people behind will add to the service’s credibility. And it would nice if they got the recognition they deserve.

I will definitely use the service again when I travel out of town next. When the innovative approach gains some momentum it will become an indispensable for travellers. Add your ride today.