Monthly Archives: March 2006

What can I do?

What can I do? book coverWhen I got a copy of Lisa Harrow’s book What can I do? Using the Internet to help New Zealand’s Environment (2005) I got more than I bargained for. Harrow is a New Zealand born actor best known for her Shakespearian acting.

Sure, the book is useful list of websites on almost everything green. There’s my daily breadman, shopping bags and more on being a mindful consumer. There’s stuff on nature and the physical world, including every conceivable fuel like nuclear, hydrogen, bio. And links to how to get involved in practical projects and advocacy. Plus policy and decision making too.

You can also find short stories on “People who did”. It’s interesting to find out that Brigid Hardy, founder of B_E_E (Beauty engineered fo ever) cleaning products, is a high flying law graduate who turned her back on the corporate jugganaut to pursue her dream of making the world a better place to live. There are many other inspiring vignettes.

But what was most surprising in the little book is a love story that set Lisa on the path of publishing this book (and others like it in UK and USA). As a celebrity speaker at a Greenpeace rally she shared the stage with renowned scientist Roger Payne. Weeks later they were married, and have since embarked together on a journey of learning and sharing about green issues. A story of personal transformation is perhaps the best answer to “what can I do?”

BTW: You can hear all about the book and Lisa and Roger’s story on Wildside News.