Monthly Archives: February 2009

The first thing to go…..

The first thing to go when our son was born in December was not sleep,  but writing posts for this blog. No matter how much I’ve willed myself to jump online and blog, the ink has’t flowed.

Today, the hiatus is officially over. For good reason – I’m at the webstock 09 conference at Wellington Town Hall.  Floating around are provocative new ideas and old ones rehashed. Conversation between real people and 140 character bon mots sound bites on the webstock twitter feed. A  sense of urgency about the state of the world outside cyberspace is pretty evident along with a question about how web designers, et al can lend a helping hand.

I’m going to let things sink in before I write about webstock. Before then I’ve a little catching up to do. Here are some bullet points about a couple of things I meant to write about last year.

  • Wellington ICT helped fundraise for and set up a computer suite at the Secret Level youth centre in Lower Hutt. The suite was officially launched in late November. See “Technology space on secret
  • A poll about how to green your summer features on the Forest & Bird website. Since being relaunched F&B are using lots of online tools to inspire people to get active.
  • The Waikato Management School are again conducting a major national survey of ICT use in not-for-profits. I’m not sure if the survey is still open but find out more about the survey here.
  • Among the Guardian’s top 100 websites from 18 December are a few gems. The list, published every two years, includes new and old. I recommend checkin Zamzar if you can’t read a file and want to convert it.

Okay enough looking back to 2008. From here on in, it’s new stuff.

PS. Rufus is now eight weeks old and growing well. The rest of are adjusting to life with a wee bairn.