479 nz blogs and counting

I’ve just been added to a website listing blogs about New Zealand and by New Zealanders. When I checked today (4 April 2008) there were 479 blogs on Kiwiology.

I’m sure in time they’ll have loads of advertising, but at the moment the site is uncluttered. And even though the people behind Kiwiology are a bit shy about saying who they are, they seem a nice bunch.

They want to hear from the NZ blogosphere. As they say, “We’d love to get the low down on what you think about Kiwiology and look forward to your suggestions.”

“Nice one, stu”, I’d say. Great to have a place to visit to find bloggers under the long white cloud.

Take a look, and if you blog or know of a good one, hit the submit a blog button.

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One thought on “479 nz blogs and counting

  1. Corinne Davies

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for the mention! Just stumbled across this post… and only a month late!

    It’s great to have your blog on the site, and might I add, your header is a thing of beauty. Kind of want to print it out and hang it on my wall…

    Sorry for the shyness to date – to be honest I am a huge chicken and wanted to see how people would respond before I came out of hiding… Everyone is lovely though, I shouldn’t have been such a dork :).

    Have a redesign planned to launch soon, including much more behind the scenes info and no advertising!! 🙂

    xx Corinne


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