50 powerful blogs?

I was going to start this post by making a note of how many blogs there out there in the ether, and finish with an updated figure.

Guess what? There are no accurate figures for the number of blogs being published, and certainly no data on how up-to-date they are nor the quality of content.

Left with machines (such as ranking tool Technocrati) or humans to help find good blogs, I’ll stick with the latter.

Yesterday a bunch of journalists from the UK’s Observer newspaper published a list of the 50 best reasons to log on. What a powerful collection of blogs there are.

People are writing about technology (surprise), gossip, personal tirades and their own lives. I’ve just signed up to keep an eye on bean sprouts, all about one family’s search for the good life.

The list of blogs and news feeds I watch is already too many, and I scarcely keep up with these (except in the most quick, superficial way). Talking last night I realised I only actually keep a regular eye on just 3 or 4 blogs.

And what about finding time to comment and enter into dialogue. Probably below the margin of error.

Although I feel no need to expand my horizons, I can’t resist an entertaining, well written blogs, accompanied with catchy graphics. I’m in no rush to find more to read, but thanks to Observer I’ve got a list to dive into when I want something fresh.

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2 thoughts on “50 powerful blogs?

  1. Melanie Rimmer

    Hi Stephen, thanks for the link and the endorsement. I spotted this link and assumed it was yet another person who just cut-and-pasted the Observer’s list without adding any new content or comments. But I was pleased that you actually posted your own thoughts about the list, and of course I’m flattered that you like my blog. You obviously have unusually high intelligence and discernment!

    I agree that a human-created list has advantages over just picking the top 50 from Technorati, although it leads to some idiosyncratic inclusions. As long as I benefit from that I’m not going to complain, am I?


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