91 insightful seconds about online community

If you’ve got a spare 1 minute 31 seconds take a look at this short video from Nancy White. Logoactivo sums it up in his comment: “That´s great advice: “getting good at asking questions”. Incredible, in less than 5 seconds she´s made it clearer than any 2 hour social media conference!”

Pithy, to the point. Why say anything more.

Though if you do want more, interviewer Robin Good introduces the video in a post about “Online Community Building Strategy: Good Advice from Nancy White”. He interviewed Nancy in his home town of Rome where Robin runs Ikonos New Media.

(BTW: I’ve been following Nancy’s work since meeting she visit Wellington last year, see my post “Dags and dingleberries”, 24 August 2008.)

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One thought on “91 insightful seconds about online community

  1. Laura Sommer

    This is great Stephen. I really enjoyed the video clip from Nancy. Simple, clear message.


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