About Common Knowledge

By working and learning together we can bring about the change in the world we want to see. Technology can (probably) help with this.

Since stumbling into using the web to support community groups in 1998, I’ve been actively engaged supporting people working in New Zealand communities on web and other technology related projects.

As well as my personal profile, you can find out more about my work as advisor and web content guy. Contact me to discuss your community development or writing needs.

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4 thoughts on “About Common Knowledge

  1. Morgan

    Hi Stephen,
    Just came across your website while looking up information about community informatics (currently considering grad school in it).

    Looks like we do similar stuff and just wanted to say hello. If you’d ever like to share links, please do as I’m always happy to connect with other ICT4D fans.

  2. Despina Babbage

    hi Stephen
    Great site – looks like we’re working in allied and ancillary fields. I’ll send you an email as well, because I’m doing some desk research for my govt dept on online engagement with citizens and in particular, on the moderation resourcing issues and would love to hear your responses. I’ll add your blog to my blogroll.

  3. Nan

    Hi Stephen
    Your name and interests have caught my attention.
    Did you ever work in Hamilton getting some online courses up and running?

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