Ta da, introducing Stephen Blyth

Young man in purple shirt held aloft by many hands

Soon after I stumbled on the web I realised community organisations and NGOs could benefit immensely from this vast network. And so it has proved to be the case: the web offers unparalleled ways for organisations to connect with people, get organised and learn.

Since working on the co-creation of CommunityNet Aotearoa website in 1998 I’ve been helping people with online communications. I’ve done this work as a freelancer, a Trustee and faithful member of the New Zealand public service, on the staff of NGOs, plus in my weekends as a volunteer.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than staring out with a sketchy idea to respond to a communication challenge, then shepherding it through to a launch. I’m not a graphic designer or programmer, but I know how to get something that meets the needs of a given audience.

I’ve developed a deep understanding of the need for accessibility in all communications. Partly this is through my own experience, and partly from a principled position. All people are entitled to access the information superhighway without prejudice.

Alongside my specialisation in offline and online publishing and content development, I’m well know as for capacity building and community development. I’ve facilitated learning both online, and through learning events, including unconferences, workshops, and most recently, NetSquared Wellington monthly meetups. I can’t forsee a time when I’m not still learning myself.

Outside my full-time role as Senior Communications Adviser with the New Zealand Drug Foundation, I am available to undertake small writing and advisory projects.

When not deeply immersed in all things community and web, I like nothing better than weeding or kayaking with my family on the Kapiti Coast, devouring homemade wholemeal bread and homebrew with friends, and endlessly talking about trips (both planned and completed).

To see all the facts and figures about my past, see my LinkedIn profile.


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