Anybody using a wiki?

In preparation for the workshop I’m running next week I’m looking for examples of what wikis are used for. What I really want to find is examples of New Zealand community groups with a wiki, private or public.

So far, I’m struggling to find anything run by a New Zealand community group. Within government there is the Police Act Review wiki and SSC’s online participation community of practice.

What I thought was a whole wiki set up by Show Jumping New Zealand, is actually just an article hosted on the New Zealand Wikia. Wikia, I now find out, is “a community destination supporting the creation and development of wiki communities on any topic people are passionate about. We currently support over 5500 communities in more than 70 languages.” Many of the community and voluntary organisations listed on Wikia only have a name, many with just a blank page.

Searching on Wikispaces, I come across the Quit Group, a charitable trust running quit smoking programmes. Not much to see, and when I look at the history page: last edit was on 10 November 2006. An idea that didn’t quite get off the ground perhaps.

Fortunately I do have one example. The project being run by a consortium of national organisations developing an online collaboration platform is using a private Wikispaces wiki for its governance group. I’ll keep looking but I’d love to hear of any examples from Aotearoa, to balance up examples from the four corners of the world.

On a more promising note, I’ve installed an application to create movies of what I’m doing on my monitor. Screenflick makes it easy to create multi-media for training. It’s straightforward to use with lots of options on how to save movies. This programme is for Mac OS X, I’m not sure if there is a comparable application available for Windows or Linux systems.

Look out for my presentation, due online next week.

Update: Sam suggested by email I take a look Justwiki, which is run by the The Social Justice Commission of the Anglican Church. The wiki lists loads of useful resources which registered users can add to and comment on.

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4 thoughts on “Anybody using a wiki?

  1. Chris Lakomy

    Hi Stephen,

    Just came accross you site by chance & see you have been looking for examples of community services using Wikispaces to host their website.

    Your enquiry is dated April last year, so this response is probably a bit late! Also I see you have bookmarked the COSPRO Wiki-site anyway.

    COSPRO is a very new service & hopefully as it becomes more established we will be able to develop a new, less-”generic” site. At present the Wiki is used basically as a means to get information about the service out to the public and other interested community organisations – much like a pamphlet in electronic form.

    If you know of any organisations that provide free webhosting for community groups, I would love to hear about them! PS; COSPRO has been offered a free website from CommunityNet but as yet I have been unable to get this up and running – Way too technical for a mere IT-mortal like me!

    Chris Lakomy

  2. Graeme

    I use wiki’s and blogs for particular projects in the community sector. One that is still up was for a project done with the Anglican Church in Christchurch and surrounding districts. We used this blog as an information and consultation tool. It was accessed a far bit, but not many contributions made to it.
    I use the wiki facility on for projects as required. It has worked well as a collaboration tool with a community group recently.


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