Barbara’s travels

When I was chatting with Barbara Crump about the evaluation of the e-Rider IT service, she mentioned she was heading out of town for a conference.

Barbara is presenting a paper at the annual International Association for Development of the Information Society e-Society conference in Lisbon. The paper is based on her work with Eltahir Kabbar. They have been researching refugee immigrants in the Wellington region and their uptake/adoption of ICTs (or otherwise). A paper based on the research was published last year in Informing Science, the international journal of the an emerging transdiscipline, see “The Factors that Influence Adoption of ICTs by Recent Refugee Immigrants to New Zealand” (pdf).

Later in her travels she’ll meet with leading community informatics researcher Peter Day at the University of Brighton.

I’ve suggested Barbara regale us with news from the Northern Hemisphere on her return. Much as it is easy to get an indigestible amount of information about community informatics online, the personal touch goes along way. Bon voyage Barbara and I look forward to some stories when you get back.