What fish to buy?

Best fish guide logoI can’t decide if I liked the crumbed Plichard skewers with their strong oily flavour, or the ever-so tender seared Skipjack Tuna with mild wasabi. These fish, along with a couple of others, were served up by chef Martin Bosley at the launch of the 2007-08 Best Fish Guide today.

The guide ranks 75 fish species based on their sustainability, in terms of both fish stock health and wider environmental impacts. The two listed above are in the amber category, but there are none in the green yet.

Martin Bosley, whose restaurant at the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club is definitely a fine dining experience, is big fan of fish. He joked that the most sustainably harvested fish are not necessarily the most popular with diners, but he’s determined to make sure they are on the menu. He is hoping someone will order the pilchards. You’ll also find cockles, mussels, marlin, snapper, bluenose, tarakihi, and more as well.

I helped to make page updates to the 75 species listed on the website. My favourite has got to be the eel like Frostfish, also called a Cutlassfish.

Copies of the wallet sized best fish guide can be downloaded or copies are available from the Forest and Bird office.

Read the Forest media release “More fish go red but some nearly green” from 13 November 2007.