Citizen reporting: biking in Christchurch

A few weeks ago, Josh Campbell posted a short video to You Tube showing some of the dangers of cycling to work, called Biking in Christchurch. (Warning: content may offend!!)

It’s not churlish, buffoonery, like the horrible tv reality programmes. But deadly serious. The 2 minute 57 second video records many near misses. It’s enough to give you second thoughts about cycling.

Now, the story doesn’t end there. Just a week after being posted on You Tube, and propagated through various networks (including by Dave who I met with today), Josh was on national tv talking about his experiences. On 10 March the TVNZ Close Up programme featured a clip on Cyclists v motorists.

Scary as the ‘experience’ from Josh’s handlebars is, I really like the fact that it’s not words or analysis, but a visual story. With no commentary or soundtrack I’m not manipulated into any particular reaction.

So, take one short video by one person freely hosted on You Tube and you get lots of people talking about a serious issue. Helmets off to Josh.

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One thought on “Citizen reporting: biking in Christchurch

  1. barbara crump

    Yep – I saw TV3’s John Campbell’s sound byte on cycling in Christchurch – no different from Wellington (take it as true from one who cycles the gauntlet most days to work). Good to rise cyclists profile but on the whole, I find Wellington drivers fairly considerate.


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