Bolshie at TypePad is now deceased

Pounding in the background is Talking Heads from on their “Stop Making Sense” live concert, now on dvd. It’s an astoundingly good concert, with a real spark over 20 years after its first release.

Using the concert name for my repackaged blog is not a homage to Talking Heads, though I’m fond of their quirky, edgy, funky tunes. Its the catchy title that grabbed my attention. The message is stick your neck out and keep your writing about ideas from outside the square. “Go on, stop making so much bloody good sense.”

The entire archive from – now deceased – has been imported here.

For the record, I was formerly hosting my blog at TypePad for about $12 a month. Althought Typepad was very easy to use and reliable, when AJ set up a server at home and offered to host my blog I jumped at the chance. There’s a photo album too, see blythopic.

Update Due to a few technical hassles I decided to shift my blog to in January 2007. Lets hope I can be more active.