CD-Roms are not going away

Don’t throw out your CD-Rom just yet. Last week Nathan Donaldson from Boost New Media told The National Business Review about the popularity of CD-Roms and DVDs for distributing teaching materials.

He is quoted as saying “When we started Boost in 2000 we thought CD-Roms were over and we’d never do them again but it’s turned out not to be the case at all. In the past 10 years I’ve been involved in more than 20 educational CD-Roms.”

There’s lots of reasons why CD-Roms are still popular, including low bandwidth at schools, the technology skills of teachers, and relative ease of duplication.

It’s helpful to hear of developers who understand the needs of clients (including their situation), rather than pushing the latest thing. I think this is at the heart of Boost’s business success.

Nathan has been helping out with the development of the Wellington e-rider IT service as a member the steering group.

See the full story “Demand still high for Boost New’s old media”, 25 January 2008.