My broadband saga concludes

Downstairs in my office I’ve got a webserver running. On Wednesday night it began hosting this blog along with some other websites, programmes and my email from its new possie. The only thing I know about keeping it going is how to switch the power back on if we have a powercut.

I appreciate the wonders of technology, but I’m not actually that keen to get my hands dirty. The server is only here because AJ departs for adventures in Europe early next month.

It was an effort to better cater for the webserver I wanted to get fast cable broadband through TelstraClear. I wrote earlier about some hassles I was having (see “Broadband tale of woe”) which meant I was without broadband for three weeks, surviving only on some inadequate, temporary measures and forking out over $200 to get a Vodem with a one month account.

Irony pervades the whole saga, as I am back with ihug after TelstraClear concluded it is uneconomic to connect my house to cable broadband, at the moment anyway. It’s something I wish they’d known before agreeing to take me on as a customer – it would have saved a lot of anguish.

After about eight humble apologies, I accepted an offer of compensation from TelstraClear, though it is yet to materialise in my bank account. The $12.50 for each apology I’m receiving makes me think they really did understand the inconvenience caused by the inept way the installation proceeded.

My conclusion that large hierarchical organisations are inherently flawed – not matter how many nice people work for them – has been confirmed. It’s not a saga I’d like to repeat, but I’m sure as long as bureaucracies exist, it’s bound to happen again.