CommunityCentral: coming soon

We’ve been a bit coy of singing too loudly that a new website for the tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector is coming soon.

With major website developments timing can be fickle. It’s really difficult to be sure you have enough to show others.

But later next month, we’ll be unveiling CommunityCentral. There’ll be spaces people can set up to work together. This could be on a discrete project or as part of an ongoing network. And then there’ll be some news sources and big projects to keep an eye on.

This is just the start and the project aims to get people talking about what online tools will best support work in communities. Although we have yet to secure an ongoing source of funding, the aim is to keep growing and modifying CommunityCentral in response to what people working in grassroots organisations need.

To find out some more you can read our early marketing brochure (200 KB, PDF), read a few posts on the CommunityCentral blog where we’re talking about the development process, or listen to a recent interview.

Last week Ros and Michael from Collaborative Voices interviewed me as part of the their monthly radio show. The show keeps the not-for-profit and social service sectors up to date and informed. There is an mp3 file or your can listen on demand to the “NFP Computer Stuff You Need To Know” feature. If downloading the mp3 file, be warned it is a 25 MB file, so it’s best not to use dial-up.

Later in the year we’ll be doing a roadshow around Aotearoa sharing the website and getting feedback on where we should head.

I’ve been working on this project since November last year, so it’s great to be finally making visible progress. Get in touch with any questions or feedback.