Award for excellence in community directories

Found Directory logoI’d like to bestow my inaugural Award for excellence in community directories today. This is a personal award and doesn’t attract a cash or even in-kind prize. Just my gratitude.

As part of a website writing project I’ve been working on I’ve scoured the country for online community directories. The aim is to provide a way for people to find lists of local  organisations. A few print publications sneaked in as our goal was to help people make connections, rather sticking to a web only rule.

My final count was 41 with one or two others under development. We’ve got the country almost covered – yes from Kaitaia to Gore (but not Invercargill or Riversdale, unless someone knows of directories for these parts).

Regardless of the ease of search, reliability of contact details, scope and visual design they’re almost all being listed.

Ahem, that’s the preamble, I will now open the envelope to find out which directory deserves a round of applause…. ta-daaa: Found Directory.

This directory proudly demonstrates the health of the community in the Nelson/ Tasman region, with clubs and groups listed from across the spectrum including culture, art, sport, recreation or welfare.

What’s so good about the Found Directory:

  • Attractive design and usable navigation
  • Multiple search options: list by subject and geography plus search
  • Large number of listings
  • User friendly for organisations signing up
  • Events calendar is actually active
  • Discrete hosts who are not shouting you down.

Found Directory sets a standard for other directories to rise to. I’ll be passing on my feedback to Volunteer Nelson, who manage the website, and all those involved. I’m hoping by the time the next awards are granted there will be more excellent directories in the running.