Community IT in Rotorua

I was heartened to get some news from the Rotorua Community ICT Trust recently. Early last year I contributed to a workshop on Computers in the Community hosted by the Rotorua District Council and I’ve been watching developments with interest from a distance. It looks like some momentum is building.

The Trust, which was formally incorporated in November 2003 with a vision of raising the potential of computers and the Internet for Rotorua communities, meets monthly and regularly publishes news on its website.

A recent news item noted the establishment of a Rotorua ICT Strategy Steering Group. This is being set-up to plan for a community consultation process on an ICT strategy for early 2005. The Steering Group includes representatives of the Rotorua Community ICT Trust, Rotorua Social Services Council (ROSSCO) and Waiariki Institute of Technology.

PS. Thanks to the newsletter editors for promoting this blog.