CommunityCentral now live

We’ve stripped the beta out of the CommunityCentral URL and we’re up and running. What a buzz!

It was almost a year to the day since I started. At times progress seemed painfully slow. Wrestling with software development isn’t always easy, and not exactly fun. It consumed a lot of time. But we’ve got there. The first version of the website has a couple of features operating. Mostly importantly people can reigster as members.

Already there has been a steady flow of people joining. Equally importantly some early requests to use the e-newsletter distribution service have come in from community groups around the country.

A plan is almost in place for adding the next set of features, starting with workspaces. These are due early in 2009.

Behind the scenes we’re developing our practices and various protocols. Help with practical changes on the site is coming from Dominic Ballesteros who is volunteering as the website’s webmaster and user support person. He’s just arrived in Wellington from the Phillipines looking for a job. As he’s multi-talented I can see this happening very soon.

Anyway, take a look and let me know what you know think.