Conference watch – heavy duty stuff

To learn all you want to know about Drupal, and probably more, head along to DrupalSouth. The two day event is aimed mainly at developers but there’ll be lots to learn for anyone using the open source content management platform.

I’m wondering if it might be too technical for me, but as I’m currently working on three Drupal powered websites as a project manager or webmaster, I’m bound to pick up some useful knowledge. With CivicActions a sponsor, they’ll be sharing some of their work using Drupal websites for social change no doubt. It might be a situation of learning about things that might be useful in the future, but you don’t know you need to know about something just yet. If that makes sense.

Hats off to Jonathan Hunt from egressive for setting up this event.

Closer to home the programme for webstock 2009 was just released. Next February the 3rd webstock event will be held in Wellington.

The mix of speakers is very broad: sci-fi novelists, an online performance artist, web gurus and online community builders. Derek Powazek, author of the seminal “Design for Community: The Art of Connecting Real People in Virtual Places” (New Riders, 2001) is running a full day workshop on community building on the social web. I read this book a while back and reckon Derek will shed some light on how to engage people online.

Having attended webstock 08 I know next years event will be a buzz: full immersion in web trends, techniques and philosophy with great coffee and a chic conference bag thrown in. Time to start saving for the $895 entry fee.

Event details:

  • DrupalSouth, 1-2 November 2008, Christchurch
  • Webstock, 16-20 February 2009, Wellington