Digital strategy 2.0 – online today

Facebook message about Digital Strategy 2.0 refreshThanks to Zara, plus a press release from David Cunnliffe, I’ve found out that government today started consulting on the second edition of the Digital Strategy.

55 people on the Digital Future Summit 2.0 facebook group received a short alert from Zara letting us know that we can have our say.

Using online tools has been a feature of the Digital Strategy refresh. Presentations at the Digital Summit held last November are online, as is the summit blog, and a room on/in secondlife. A Digital Summit summary is available .

Up until 12 May anyone can edit and discuss the draft document on a the Digital Strategy wiki.

I’m still digesting the wiki terms of use. There are lots of rules, including the need to login before making comments. Somewhat ominously MED staff reserve the right to intervene as appropriate.

I’m hoping to get beyond how to have a say, to thinking about the substance.