Embedding a YouTube video

In preparation for my presentation on “Spreading the word” at the Engage your community conference, I’m demonstrating how you can embed YouTube into a blog or a webpage.

I get pretty enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and trying to rouse people up by sharing stuff online. Using YouTube dramatically lowers the cost and technical complexity for grassroots organisations sharing their own footage. Making them, now that’s another story.

The clip below is one of five by Rhys Taylor of the Sustainable Living Trust recorded earlier in the year. Over 45 minutes Rhys lays out the what, why, where, when and how of the work of the Sustainable Living programme.

It’s proven pretty useful according to Rhys, with some correspondents describing the clips as informative.

Some of Rhy’s top tips for aspiring video makers are:

  • use high quality digital equipment and a tripod
  • ensure your sound recording quality is high
  • if using a PowerPoint slide background, try to adjust room lighting so that both it and the speaker are visible.

He says next time he’d “aim for shorter, clearer presentations by various people involved in our programme, as we are a grass-roots programme with many partners.”

I’m pretty impressed by Rhys delivery – he comes across very naturally. I suspects he’s got a future on the small screen. The sound quality and lighting look pretty good to me. Thanks for your comments Rhys, and without without further ado, here’s an introduction to sustainable living: