Festival showcases newzealand.govt.nz

Just as the International Arts Festival was finishing, I finally made it down to the Festival Club at Frank Kitts Park.

It was a pretty early start, so the bar was closed. Instead the assembled punters got breakfast.

The performance was speedy. Just three acts. The plot: launch a new version of the New Zealand government portal.

Act I: Laurence Millar, head of the SSC e-government unit.

Act II: David Parker, State Services Minister.

Act III: Edwin Bruce, the techie behind the new look.

Most of the power is behind the scenes with a new look on top. It was described as being in a perpetual Beta state, with suggestions welcome at any time.

David Parker made a big deal out of the fact that everything you can find within the portal you can trust. We’re government, so trust us.

Entries can now be searched in Te Reo Maori, but I do wonder what has happened to the extensive use of the Maori language. It used to feature very prominently.

Professional, tantalising and only of interest to a very small number of festival-ites. I’m glad I got a ticket.

PS See the evolution of the New Zealand government portal at the wayback machine, with snapshots of the homepage stretching back to 1996.