Flailing at web 2.0

I had a disasterous lunchtime session yesterday when I attempted to demonstrate the potential of web 2.0. I could rant and rave about how unfair the world is technology is not foolproof, or perhaps mull on a lesson or two.

My personal guided tour was going to take in social networking, wikis, blogging, social bookmarking, and Technorati’s blogspheric roadmap (see the full list here).

Fortunately the session was a one-on-one and Diana didn’t seem too perturbed. Acutally, when technology fails people are remarkably tolerant. Problems connecting datashows, dropped internet connections and the all too common missing extension cord conspire to interrupt the flow. Yet hardly anyone ever complains.

We ended up having a good yarn, and we’ve agreed to try again.

Next time I’ll be absolutely sure I can connect to the Internet. Try as I might, I just couldn’t log-in to my wireless cafenet account. As soon as I got back to the office I tried to connect again. I logged in first time, despite being about 150 metres from a wireless hotspot. Yes, the inconstancy is annoying, incomprehensible, frustrating but par for the course when using technology.

Yeah, so for a tip straight from presenter 101 course: test your technology beforehand if you want to make sure it works on the night.