Get the Kilbirnie goss online

The above title, reproduced from a recent issue of The Wellingtonian community newspaper, does not refer to salacious celebrity gossip, but to news available on the Kilbirnie Lyball Bay Rongotai Progressive Association website.

Sewage, roading, cycle lanes, the retail precint, water and other local issues are the key concern of the Association. And it is these topics that are reflected in the contents of the website. It’s very utilitarian. You can find copies of meeting minutes and submissions, and the local bobby’s newsletter. You can learn how to join the association, and review the constitution.

The website probably won’t win an award for prettiness, and there are a a few coding oddities and a strange link the Milonic menu folk. But in some ways this doesn’t detract from the aim of the website – to provide a way of strenghtening democratic participation. It definitely provides a means for the Association to be transparent about it’s activities, and it gives people a chance to have their say.

As Stephen Moore, the Association’s president commented, “If you haven’t got time to attend the residents’ association meeting, participate online.” Given my aversion to meetings, I think I better check to see whether my local residents’ association has a website, so I too can participate via a virtual link.