[Presentation] Getting a great result workshop, 13 May 2014

First slide in Getting a great result workshop presentationHere are links, slides and other resources from the “Getting a great result workshop: knowhow for managing digital projects” workshop presented by Stephen Blyth at the Techsoup NZ/ Connecting Up conference, 13 May 2014, Tamaki Makaurau Auckland.

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Getting a great result: knowhow for managing digital projects workshop by Stephen Blyth

Website development brief

Use the headings in this generic website development brief to create one for your project. This is shared under a Creative Commons license which encourages sharing, remixing provided the Common Knowledge is attributed and it is for non-commercial purposes.

Download: Common Knowledge website development brief, template


“The Nonprofit Website Project Handbook” by Yesenia Sotelo, SmartCause Digital

“A Practical Guide to Managing Web Projects” (2012) by Breandán Knowlton – Five Simple Steps

“Tips for Designing (or Redesigning) a Nonprofit Website”, article by Chris Peters, TechSoup

usability.gov – Improving the User Experience (USA)

TechSoup RFP Library

Is It Time to Rethink Your Website? by Farra Trompeter

Rethink your website Webinar
Rethink your website flowchart

13 Things Your Website Needs in 2013 (PDF) by Rich Dietz (very detailed)