EYC unConference: growing before our eyes

There’s something really addictive about being involved in an event that grows before your eyes. As the organiser for the Engage your community (EYC) unConference I can’t help myself from looking at the list of potential topics to see if anyone has added anything new.

Today a new topic suggestion arrived on the wiki: a question about whether Google Apps will help a residents association consolidate its large list of online tools. Amongst the other topics suggested, some of them are equally as big.

We’re envisaging that whoever turns up on the day will shine some light on the topics people are suggesting.

The format is classic barcamp (which I first wrote excitedly about in May 2007, see “Fogged in after the Govis 2007 conference”): everyone attending generates the programme on the day, filling available sessions with topics that are important to them.

However, we’ve changed the name. We don’t think barcamp (or it’s siblings cloudcamp, wordcamp, etc) means anything amongst the volunteer webmasters and others working in community and voluntary organisations using the web we’re aiming to attract.

As well as half a dozen topics, 25 have people signed up. We’ve got room for 100 more so feel free to register now.

As I’ve subscribed to get updates in my RSS reader from the unConference wikispace, I’ll be the first to know if a new topics is listed. Time to go now to feed my addiction.

EYC unConference details: Saturday 21 August 2010, Wellington Whanganui-a-tara. Hosted by Wellinton ICT, charitable trust.