Happy birthday www.commonknowledge.net.nz

It was a year ago today that I purchased the domain www.commonknowledge.net.nz/new_wp. This calls for raising of glasses and toasts. Not so much to celebrate the first birthday of a domain name, but to recognise I’ve been self-employed for my first year.

Being self-employed has its up and downs but right now I’m feeling pretty positive about where my business is heading.

This month I’ve picked up a short contract with the State Services Commission to help facilitate the growth and development of the online participation community of practice. The notice for the workshop which will kick this process off, was emailed out yesterday.

My goal to specialise in working with NGOs is paying off as I’m currently working on five projects within the tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector.

Later this month I’m running a one hour training session on searching Google and how to learn about using the Internet. It’s definitely my smallest piece of work, but something that’s spurred me to learn more about the Google behemoth.

Yeah, so cheers www.commonknowledge.net.nz/new_wp – many happy returns.