Helen Clark’s ‘plog’

I was alerted to the existence of Helen Clark’s weblog in Spinach 7 one of my favourite Australian magazines. The writer of the article on political weblogs – from whence the hideous ‘plog’ comes from – favourably compared the effort of our very own Prime Minister’s against those of Mark Latham and Johnny Howard. “Techno-savvy” was the hackneyed commendation.

Although the Labour Party website might be worth a visit for its policy and party information, and fun and gimmicky free stuff, don’t bother searching out Helen’s weblog. The content is bleached of any personality and is a painful read – of the golly, gee, gosh that’s interesting kind. It certainly doesn’t convey any of the cerebral activity normally associated with our brainy PM.

Here’s a wee excerpt from the 29 July posting:
Later, at Palmerston North Girls’ High, I spoke to senior pupils and had an illuminating question-and-answer session with them, before joining the staff for lunch. The girls asked thoughtful and well-researched questions that ranged over issues such as physical punishment and tertiary education policies.

I would have to say, the weblog breaks the rule “if you haven’t got anything interesting (or witty or insightful) to say, it’s best not to say anything.” It can only be a matter of time before the offending content is removed.

NB You can read more about Spinach 7 in an earlier weblong entry on Radical Melbourne.