How to … use the internet, by The Listener

I was looking forward to finding out about some new websites when I saw this week’s Listener. “Strike the best sites on the internet” was the bold claim on the cover.

Springing to mind were the 100 useful websites listed by the Guardian newspaper and the annual list of Webby finalists. Perusing both lists are great ways of finding new, creative and innovative websites.

In an online exclusive to supplement a page and a half of text, the Listener list about 40 useful websites. Most are commonplace like Google, NZ Herald and Wikipedia.

Of the rest, only a couple really caught my eye.

  • Newseum website is the online home of the 250,000-square-foot museum of news based in Washington, DC. The newspapers front page collection, from newspapers in 55 countries around the world, is neat. The Press and NZ Herald are among the 630 front pages collected.
  • Joost offers up free online TV – about 20,000 shows apparently. I couldn’t view any of the clips as it takes more modern hardware than my three and a half year old iBook.
  • Quintura is a new search engine which allows users to visually navigate and refine searches using a ‘cloud’ of terms.

Although the “How to … use the internet” article is pretty basic, I haven’t come away totally empty handed.

BTW: as a by-product of looking at the list I found out more about how far the NZ Herald have integrated RSS into their website: you can subscribe by RSS to individual reporters (and much more). This makes it easy to track favourite writers (or subjects, organisation or features) without having to visit the website.