IT advice for Taranaki community groups, coming soon

Community groups in the Taranaki region will soon have an independent source of IT advice and support. The ICT Gateway is being run by the Bishop’s Action Foundation, a community development organisation based in New Plymouth.

According to the Gateway’s recently appointed coordinator Patrick Edwards, they’re starting out by working with three groups to get a detailed lie of the land. Based on these case studies the details of how the service will be run will emerge.

The types of services on offer will include:
•    improving strategic planning and management of ICT technologies
•    access to both expertise, hardware and software resources
•    collaboration with each other to maximise the benefits offered by changing ICT technologies.
In addition to these pretty familiar aims, which are closely aligned with what we’re trying to achieve with the Wellington e-rider IT service, the ICT Gateway has also got some employment outcomes to achieve over the next three years.’

To make all this happen Patrick is making a big push into the local IT industry. He’s approaching businesses to donate time, hardware and/or software, and to offer training support and cadetships.

So far so, good. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a 45 second interview I recorded with Patrick when he was in Wellington.

Interview with Patrick Edwards, ICT Gateway from Stephen on Vimeo.

PS The clip is pretty shaky as I recorded it using my phone. I’ve decided to use Vimeo to host the video rather than YouTube after reading an article in Macworld. Michael Gowan says its stylish design, ease of use and options for sharing videos privately makes it good for personal use (see “Share your videos online”, 28 May 2008).