IT training for non-techies?

Idealare tactical tech planning cartoon

Let’s be honest: many of us are not good at managing money. Mention of forecasts, cash flow and accruals is met with grimaces, not exuberant glee.

Getting a grip on accounting basics can lead to resources being stretched further, and will ensure finances are prudently managed.

Some pain to learn how to get better at accounts is worth it. And fortunately, training on accounting for the non-financially minded is widely available. Technical terms are translated, and much of the arcane methodologies are stripped back.

I believe many organisations could benefit from access to a similar approach to training on the use of technology.

It’s not exactly an easy thing to boil IT management down into digestible chunks. Technology touches on so many parts of every organisation, and keeps changing. Fortunately, some others have created technology planning training for non-techies.

The recently released Tactical Tech Planning On Demand online course covers what Idealware consider the key areas for organisations to grapple with. As the name implies, the course focuses only on what you really need to know.

The training is broken down into 26 modules, which comprise short videos along with activities. The five main topic headings are:

  • Getting Started
  • Infrastructure
  • Data
  • Online Communications
  • Action Plan

The aim is “to help you assess your organization’s technology infrastructure and address your current and future needs.” A usable IT action plan is the result.

I can’t help think, as I have pondered in the past, that some training along these lines will help New Zealand organisations to get better at using IT to support their work.

Within the broad aspirations of the Ministry of Social Development’s Investing in Services for Outcomes capability building programme, released in January, technology is one of the areas highlighted for attention. The emphasis seems to be on responding to challenges within individual organisations.

Would some technology training, ala financial management for non-accountants, be useful for NZ community organisations?

Idealware’s On Demand Tactical Tech Planning – The Trailer from Idealware on Vimeo.