iWork software for sale

I’ve been perfectly happy with Apple’s iWork ’08 suite of software. I’ve created business cards, brochures and reports, a few slide presentations and played with the spreadsheet. It’s been easy to learn and use, especially with loads of templates. Best of all it only cost about $80.

Last week I hit a glitch – I couldn’t move labels on the pie graph. Two long, even unwieldy titles were overlapping.

With a deadline looming for a customer satisfaction survey I’m working on I decided to get the latest iWork package. Released earlier this year the ’09 version is the greatest yet, at least as is suggested by the blurb brimming over with superlatives about being new, improved and other spurious similar connotations. I can’t really comment in any detail on how it compares with the earlier package, though I am now able to move the labels. Phew! However, the price has shot up by over 100%. The same three programmes are now $179.

I can understand the drive to continually improve already great software but I’m not so sure about the pricing increase. What about an upgrade price for people who already have it? The price of Apple’s latest operating system is just $59 for a single license, so the computer giant is not averse to fair pricing models.

Because I don’t need two versions I’m selling off my copy of iWork ’08 on TradeMe (closing 11 October). What’s it worth now? I have no idea but the TradeMe punters will be sure to let me know.

Update (11 October 2009): the software sold for $65.