Laptops in hospices launched

Having sat through many updates about theWhanau Link project at Wellington Region 2020 Communications Trust meetings, I was delighted to join with fellow Trustees and Wellington 2020 staff at the launch of the expanded Whanau Link project on 25 July.

Now a total of six hospices in the lower North Island have laptops available for patients and families. Each hospice has a wireless network so patients in care can use the laptops from their bedside to keep in touch with families, friends, and even their workplaces.

Already, the benefits of the technology are being picked up by staff who have begun holding regular online meetings with associate hospices.

The system is using standard off the shelf technology which means the ongoing support requirements should be minimal.

Wellington 2020 ran the project with input from a range of parnters, including NEC and CityLink. Funding for the project was via a grant from the Digital Stratey Community Parntership Fund.

Speaking at the launch Winnie Laban, Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector, acknowledged the collaborative approach. She said “the success of this project has only been possible through the contributions, volunteer time, and collaboration of all partners involved”. (See her full speech.)

BTW: This story is slow arriving online. Ironically, writing up the launch was delayed because I’ve waiting for the Hutt News to arrive at the central library to check a couple of details.