Meeting up to remix the web for social change – Wellington NFP CIO Forum

I got excited about where NetSquared Wellington is heading at the monthly Wellington NFP CIO Forum on Wednesday 8 August 2012. I also talked about my experience running webinars and using online tools to collaborate, etc. My presentation and links are set-out here.

Meeting up to remix the web presentation

Meeting up to remix the web for social change – NetSquared Wellington presentation

Mixed up list of links

Wellington NGO Webmasters networking event background information

Sign-up, come along, join in Wellington NetSquared

A view of the global NetSquared movement

A list of past and present webinars run by the Nonprofit Technology Networks (USA), discount to members applies

Research based webinars and much more from Idealware

Occassional free, live and recorded webinars from TechSoup

Beaming in from Adeliade, Connecting Up Inc. webinars. Some are free, some have a price tag.


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