Webinar archive: “How to extend your website’s reach to everyone”

Here is the presentation, recording and links from the webinar delivered by Mike Osborne, of AccEase Ltd, on”How to extend your website’s reach to everyone”. This was run on 30 March 2012 as part of the NGO website manager series one.


Webinar recording

Website links

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

Mobility Parking website

Social Media for People with a Disability, example of accessible PDF, MediaAccess Australia

Contrast Analyser, from Vision Australia

Fangs, Firefox plugin that emulates screen readers

Text content analysers from Using English

Readability test resources, from Juicy Studios


This webinar was made possible with invaluable help from:

My co-producers:

My wonderfully talented graphic designer and brand advisor Luke, of Vida & Luke Kelly Design fame



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