Exemplary community led web projects

I missed Jim Mora’s show today, but I wish I hadn’t. Paul Reynold was talking about “three online projects [he] thinks exemplify the best of community lead web projects”.

The projects he raved expounded on were:

  • One Laptop Per Child – Niue
  • Aotearoa People’s Network – free Internet and help in public libraries, plus open source community storytelling software
  • Kiva – micro lending.

The second wave of the People’s Network, which is bringing broadband to rural and provincial libraries, is underway. Fast and free internet is now available in many places, with libraries lined up. It’s proving really beneficial for young people who’ve lacked access before now.

You can read about what Paul said on his blog (“Three community projects with Jim Mora“), or listen to them for a limited time on Radio NZ website (streamed version of the interview and MP3 version).