Plotting community gardens

View Community gardens in Aotearoa New Zealand in a larger map

See the map above, well I’d like your help to add to it. As part of some research I’m doing for an article on community gardening I want to know what is happening around Aotearoa New Zealand.

By the looks of things there is a lot. Already I’ve counted well over 30 community gardens, some of which are listed in my delicious community gardens bookmarks.

I need help to expand the list. And specifically, to find out exactly where the gardens are. Mapping the gardens using a Google map has more visual appeal than a bald list. Plus updating is something that can be shared with others. Anyone who joins in can have a few debates dilemmas involved in mapping.

To capture and record the giant list and any collective knowledge about NZ community gardens I’ve also set up the Plot Your Community Garden wiki. This will include the constantly updated map (I hope) and any other stuff people want to share. When I say “jump in and create your own page, or add a new resource”, I mean it.

I’m secretly hoping that by listing gardens people will get in touch with others for tips, lessons, share joys and lows. And perhaps create some pressure for John Key to follow in the footsteps of Michelle Obama and turn-over some turf at the prime ministerial digs to a garden.

If you want to help you can:

  1. Send me an email with a street address (or coordinates) and a photo of your community garden. I’ll add this to the map. Email: If you’re happy having contact details shared let me know. Or
  2. Contact me for details of how to edit the Google map pictured below and you can add information about a community garden yourself. Or
  3. Add details to the giant list of community gardens page.

Who will be the first to list?

PS Please spread the word about this to anyone who is interested. Later I’ll ask for help via Facebook, Social Invovation Camp, Transition Towns and Twitter.