RMAlink website launch

I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people that turned up on a wintry Thursday to attend the launch of the RMAlink website. The 25 people assembled were introduced to a powerful online resource that has been developed by ECO, New Zealand’s environmental umbrella group.

The website is designed to make it easy for people working at a grassroots level to get information about participating in the Resource Management Act (RMA) processes. As well as guidance material on processes and links to detailed information, including lists of publications and case law, there is a directory of active groups. If you want to find out who is working on quarrying or reverse sensitivity and nuisance issues, it looks like RMAlink can help.

The website was funded through a grant from the RMA Education and Advisory Fund administered by the Ministry for the Environment. Funding was is, of course, just one part of developing a successful community project: a lot of people contributed their time to project management, gathering information and peer reviewing content.

Change and development is assured as the number of topics is expanded and case law grows. It is definitely an important online resource to use, promote and support.