Roll up: a few ICT events for NGOs

Huge room filed with hundreds of tote bags for a conference, by NarisaIt’s one of those things that follow a predictable, immutable pattern. At the start of the year there’s a slew of new conferences and learning events sprouting up. 2012 is no different.

Now is the time to start getting organised. Some will take just a trip across town, others across the sea. Some permission, others an early start.

The highly regarded webstock juggernaut has just rolled by, so that’s one registration fee you don’t have to try to find. The sparks and fizzes from the week long webextravaganza are radiating out. You can see a trace of the shining light via the ultra busy #webstock twitter hastag.

I’m not sure if there will be webstock videos, as there have been in previous years, but you can find a record of sorts through collectively prepared, scrawly notes. Anyone attending could jot down impressions, quotes and diatribes on a set of unofficial, editable webstock Google Docs, kindly created by to Miramar Mike.

When writing this post I noted there are just 44 and 56 free tickets left to Connecting Communities events being held in Christchurch and Wellington beginning next week. The sessions cover a broad range of topics from cloud computing to social media. There is an emphasis on getting organised through ICT planning. If I don’t see you at either of the events, you can catch-up on my impressions on this blog.

Register at:

Connecting Communities, Christchurch, Wednesday 29 February 2012
Connecting Communities, Wellington, Monday 5 March 2012

Technology planning will be at the fore of a series of workshops being hosted by Connecting Up Australia in mid-March. Respected NGO technology trainer and advisor John Kenyon will run workshops on “Technology planning essentials for nonprofit leaders” in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart. Registration fees are a slight $A130.

You can get a taste of the ground John Kenyon will cover by taking at look at recordings of recent online sessions he’s run for Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). In November he ran a session “Strategic Planning and Budgeting for Technology” and last month I spent 90 minutes listening to his on “From Computers to the Cloud: Technology Essentials for Nonprofit Leaders” presenation. As the sessions are recorded, there’s no getting up early to sync with US time. Charges apply.

An event which starts at an ungodly hour, delivered over the internet is a mini version of the phenomenally big Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) that NTEN run every year. While there will be 1,700 people assembled at the San Francisco Hilton, 3-5 April 2012, a few folk will eavesdrop via an online version of the NTC. A selection of the talks are being offered as well as access to a super fancy dedicated conference social networking platform. No jetlag, no currency conversion hassles, just a matter of waking up at 3.30am for the opening session. Not sure if I’ll make it.

Once again the Connecting Up road show is slated to happen on 27 April in Wellington, 30 April in Auckland and 1-3 May in Sydney. Registrations for the Sydney Connecting Up 2012 event are open, with details of the New Zealand Connecting Up event coming soon.

The infectiously likable and zany Allen Gunn will be speaking again in Sydney. His participatory keynote was a highlight of the 2009 Connecting Up conference (see my blog post “Privacy concerns raised at Connecting Up 09 conference” and “So many ways to skin a cat” presentation, Connecting Up 09 conference”).

The one other event I can tentatively mention is one I will be definitely be getting up for. I’m adapting my Give your website TLC workshop for the computer screen. This will be offered along with another session as part of an online series for NGO website managers. Thee will be open to anyone interested from around Aotearoa. Details are due out next week.

Perhaps I’ll see you at one or other of these events: in person, or online?

Photo credit: Narisa