ICT help for Rotorua groups on its way

Social service organisations in the Rotorua area will soon be able to access better IT support and advice. The Rotorua Community ICT Trust is looking for somebody with a technology background to work as an e-Rider in the area.

The empahsis of the service is going to be on strategic advice, eg records management, security, IT support budgeting, specific staff training recommendation, and websites as appropriate. A limited amount of hands-on help will be available. The role will be based within the computing department of Waiariki technical institute.

In contrast to the Wellington e-Rider and a new technical support service being launched in Hamilton, the groups will not be charged for visits.

I was stuck with envy after reading the advertisement as the Rotorua e-Rider will have a vehicle provided and an attractive remuneration package.

ICT trust has wasted no time getting things underway, with funding from the Digital Strategy Community Partnership Fund confirmed just a few weeks ago. When I’m in Rotorua next week staying with Roz’s whanau, I hope to meet with one of the Trustees to get a few more details.

Anyone interested in working as the Rotorua e-Rider needs to complete their application by 31 August 2007.