Save Happy Valley blog

I can’t imagine a more dificult situation for bloggers to be in than keeping a blog up-to-date from deep in the West Coast forest. But that’s exactly what the activists occupying the site of Solid Energy’s proposed open-cast coal mine in the Upper Waimangaroa Valley in the Ngakawau Ecological District, near Westport, are doing. The ‘occupation blog‘ on the Save Happy Valley coalition website is a key part of the strategy to keep people up to-date about their activities. Relaying updates via cellphone is the only way of keeping the blog up-to-date.

The blog is one I’ll defintely be reading reguarly as it brings the taste and feel of the direct action to the screen. There’s a real sense of mission and passion in the entries, which inspire support in a way that facts and figures seldom do. As Dan and Francie write, “Being in the valley, hearing the kiwi and enjoying the beautiful unpolluted rivers left us with the even stronger conviction that we have no choice but to win this campaign.”

As I sit here in my comfortable Wellington home I can only wish the occupiers good luck, and make sure I do what I can to support the campaign.