Digital skills for all

Six people workshopping at a round table, covered in pads, notes, pens, etc

There is always something new happening on the web. There always will be. The incredible creativity demonstrated online is both a source of amazement and anxiety.

Being digitally savvy is about being able to both navigate around new tools, and develop practices that mean we can keep up with the torrent of information online.

Presentations or workshops can be delivered in person, or via the Internet. Each session is designed to meet the unique needs of participants.

Hot topics

Common Knowledge’s Stephen Blyth can run a workshop or make a presentation on:

  • Be noticed and extend your reach with social media
  • A primer on curating content
  • Online publishing – what does the future hold now paper is on the way out
  • Blogging within an organisation
  • Choosing the right tools for projects, productivity and learning
  • Tech trends for good causes
  • Using tech to support peer learning.

See material and details of presentations run by Common Knowledge.

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