Taking care of the nuts & bolts

Outline for a website written up on a white board, messy

It’s easy to put off sprucing up your organisation’s website or truly connecting with people through twitter: “nobody wants to commit to anything”; “there just isn’t time”; “we don’t have the right skills on tap”.

Common Knowledge helps New Zealand good causes with the practical side of online communications.

Some of the main ways we support organisations online

Impartial advice when selecting web suppliers

When choosing a web developer for a big projects racing to a decision without doing the ground work can be perilous.

Common Knowledge will run a process to get find a web development company or other supplier. Support for decision making includes assisting with RFPs and other documentation, and facilitating selection processes.

Acting webmaster or social media producer

Everybody needs a break. It doesn’t mean your organisation goes silent online when your key staff member is away on a month’s leave. We can act as your online communicator on a temporary basis – like a locum but doctoring the web.

Talk to us if you need help to:

  • Write a few webpage or a whole website
  • Source or create suitable graphics
  • Run user tests, surveys or another structured way of hearing from your visitors
  • Find out what online software for running projects, or helping your organisation get better organised
  • Set up and run online surveys, then analyse the results
  • Coach a staff member in building online community or other digital skills.

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