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Technology and online facilitation practices have matured to the point that running online meetings is a viable option for most organisations.

Successfully running virtual sessions is about much more than choosing between GoToMeeting, Google + hangouts or similar tools. Being productive is as much about honing new facilitation skills and allowing time to mess about as it is the tech.

What can online meetings be used for?

Running virtual gatherings can be used in lots of different ways, including for:

  • People collaborating within a working group or across a whole networks
  • Organisations to deliver training
  • Senior staff to broadcast policy announcments with question time
  • Interactive sessions with a wide audience
  • Team members or colleagues to do their day-to-day business.

Online meetings are a great way to bring people together when traveling cannot be justified. This saves money, time and the planet.

How Common Knowledge helps

Get your meetings or online seminars off to a good start. The support we offer includes:

  • Scoping and deciding on the approach that best suits your organisation or network
  • Identifying the best software service to meet your needs
  • Tweaking to computer settings (if required) so everyone can easily join in
  • Practice runs and feedback on your first meeting
  • Tips and guidance on running productive meetings

If required, instructional designers for formal teaching situations can be bought in.

Schedule your meeting today

We’ll tailor a package to suit your organisations unique needs and budget. Having run and participated in many virtual meetings, we are not hooked on a single technology option. Rather, we match the tools that best suit each situation and budget.

Call us to arrange a time to meet, in front of a real or virtual whiteboard.

BTW: DIY online meeting resources

If you don’t have a budget for introducing online meetings to your organisation, take a look at this handpicked collection of links and resources on online meetings, webinars and web conferences.

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