Smell of ink

I’m sure I could find somewhere on the Internet everything I want to know about Google, plus tonnes I don’t. There are websites with search guides, how-to videos, gossip, a Google maps mash-up list and much more.

Next week I’m running a one hour training course on effective search techniques for people working as elder abuse and neglect coordinators. For a change I’ve turned to old fashioned print resources to learn more about Google search to share with participants. An added bonus is I’ll be able to pass around the books, which will help people who like to read things to learn that way.

Yeah, so I got a couple of books. Pretty hefty ones at that.

Michael Miller’s second edition of “Googlepedia: the ultimate Google resource” is a mammoth 822 pages. About a third of the book is devoted to searching, but virtually all the other Google applications and services are covered too. It’s designed for everybody internet user so has lots of diagrams and tips. Michael shares his opinions so it’s not too dry.

“Google Hacks: tips and tools for finding and using the world’s information” (3rd edition)
published by O’Reilly is a very different beast. Apart from the first 80 odd pages on searching, I don’t know if the workshop participants will appreciate the other 420 pages. Its a technical book with scripting and code descriptions, guidance on how-to create your own maps and stuff like that. The amazing things you can do, well, it’s pretty overwhelming actually.

Sandy Berger has written a book for baby boomers, and their parents. “The Great Age Guide to the Internet” is for people new to computing and the Internet. The basics are covered really nicely. I’m particularly fond of the Blooper alerts – things don’t always go as predicted, so lets not be shy about that.

Over the weekend I’ll grab a copy of Netguide and ComputerWorld from the library to supplement these tomes. Plus, if Reuben Schwarz’s computer page in the Dominion Post is relevant, I’ll grab that too.

I’d love any other ideas for top search tips. Either physical or virtual, I don’t mind.