Facebook – straight from the horses mouth

The most common question that came up yesterday at a presentation I gave to the Comms2Comms network in Wellington was about how to set up a Facebook presence for a community organisation.

There was barely a mention of any other social networks. For good reason. Facebook is nearly always in the top five most visited websites in New Zealand. In the week ending 23 May, Facebook trailed third behind Google and TradeMe in the Hitwise statistics. 3.37% of all NZ internet traffic headed to Facebook. The next mostly highly visited social network is Bebo, at 15th most popular.

To find out how to get started I went straight to the horses mouth. Facebook itself produces useful resources:

Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook’s Marketing Director recently gave some tips and insights from the inside. On 13 May 2009 he presented a 45 minute NTEN webinar on Using Facebook Pages for Social Good”. He and a colleague covered the basics, with lots of time devoted to answering questions from the audience. I listened to a recording so I didn’t get to ask one myself.

Randi concluded by saying they can’t give any universal answers. With 250 million people signed up, things tend to ebb and flow. “The the only way for you to find out what works is to get on there.”

Beth Kanter posted notes summarising the webinar and lists about 20 useful guides and articles about using Facebook. Plus many readers chipped in their own thoughts. See her blog post “So you want a Facebook Fan Page for Your Nonprofit? Here’s the Scoop!”

On CommunityNet Aotearoa, the Social Networking Guide has straight forward guides to setting up Bebo, Facebook and MySpace pages. There’s lots of other news, links and guides.

A search for Facebook on the groupings blog brings up many posts about Facebook and other social networks, including some New Zealand examples. It’s a great place to share your own experiences.

This is just the tip of the Facebook iceberg in terms of guidance, opinions, etc. If pressed, I’d say the best way to learn is by doing.

BTW: The notes and presentation from my talk are now online: “A toe in the water… {revisited}: Comms2Comms presentation”.