The Couch’s first birthday

the couch banner
Yeeha!! We celebrated the first anniversary of The Couch today. Rebecca pulled together a celebratory breakfast for staff at the Families Commission. With lots of help we cooked up a big pile of pancakes, with lashings of fresh fruit, maple syrup and bacon. While 30 plus staff ate around an extended table, a birthday cake was winging it’s way to Auckland office to make sure they got in on the spirit of things.

To mark our first year online we’re asking members what they think about how we are going. After just a week we’d received over 350 responses. A full analysis of the results will wait until after the end of the poll, but I did take a sneak preview and we’ve got loads of really valuable feedback.

One thing I picked up on skimming comments is that members want reassurance that what they’re saying is having an impact on government policy related to families. Being alert to expectations raised by any public participation process is really important. One of the things we’ve been talking about is having a regular newsletter that demonstrates how we are using the data collected. I think we’ll bring creation of that forward.

As we enter year two, with 3,000 members and lots of valuable contributions, we’re going to continue pushing to we ensure the website makes a difference for families.