Post NetSquared Downunder ‘virtual’ camp wrap-up

Jon from onstage in WellingtonWhen Evan from Adelaide’s voice distorted, warbled and crackled, I thought the show was over. Would our brave experiment bringing together four speakers in from four cities one hour come to an early end?

These sonic hijinks caused the only anxious moment in our NetSquared Downunder virtual camp held last Thursday.

We used free Google technology and standard webcams to successfully share innovative web projects between the four live and online. People watched from venues in Adelaide, Auckland, Melbourne and our very own wee capital city. And beyond in the wider world.

Over the previous four months the event’s four organisers played our way into being relaxed with Google’s online meeting place/ service/ tool. Google+ Hangout is user friendly and robust.

We also depended on uber fast broadband actually working on the night – something only reliably available in big cities for now. Even when one of the venues lost its wifi connection, thus the aforementioned warbling, the broadcast was able to continue using a tethered cellphone to stream in the internet.

It was the sharing the substance of the four projects that made the whole event worth it. People stayed behind talking about each of the four projects showcased.

It’s been really enjoyable virtually working alongside three talented and energetic organisers generously giving their time to make the event happen. I tip my hat to my co-organisers Richenda Vermeulen in Melbourne, Lindsey Talerico-Hedren in Auckland and Ben Teoh in Adelaide.

There’re rumours of more sharing using a similar approach within the regional NetSquared network and beyond. I’m definitely keen to use free tools and my freshly tested knowhow to contribute.

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Photo credit: Aggregatormag